GL2 series: top guided – quick change straight way

  • Characterized throttling plug:
    • Equal %
    • Linear
    • Quick-Opening
  • Threaded seat or Quick change design
    • Heavy top guided
    • High and low (CRYO) temperature application
    • No Erosion / corrosion applications

  • Many options:
    • Metal / soft seat
    • Packing, bellow seal
    • Exotic materials
  • Low Noise and Anti Cavitation trims
  • Easy maintenance:
    • Replaceable trim
    • Low lifetime costs
    • Robust low profile design

Rating table

*Standard codes of reference:
ISA 75 / IEC60534 general design code, tests and inspection
ASME B16.34 / EN 12516 strength design code

Connection table

* Standard codes of reference:
ISA 75 / IEC60534-3 end to end dimensions
MSS SP-6 surface finishing

Performance table

Material table

*1 Stellite grade 6 where required
*2 Nitrided where required

Combination of the above material is possible. Sour service materials and related certifications are possible. Exotic materials, solid tungsten carbide and ceramic materials can be provided for customized trim solutions.

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