BL series: ball control valve

BL2 series ball control

The Downstream drilled spherical cage can be used with: liquids to help eliminate or reduce cavitation and gas to reduce noise and associated vibrations.
The valve is proposed with forged split body, side entry trunnion mounted design, it can meet the criteria of API 6D, and it is available with self-relieving or double piston effect seats

BL3 series ball control

Parallel perforated plates in the ball flow opening smoothen the pressure drop as the flow passes through, this gradual pressure reductions helps in avoiding cavitation or noise problems.
The possibility of customizing on the particular process conditions the Internal perforated plates gives to this valve the capability to provide improved performance for demandingapplications.
The valve is proposed with casted (standard)or forged split body, with ASME B16.10 face to face dimension short (standard) or long pattern, and it is available with single, double or double block-and-bleed seat options.

BL4 series ball control

The V-CUT ball allows to have a perfect equal percentage characteristic.
The V-CUT shape assures a high rangeability up to 150:1 which ensures the controllability of high turndown processes, once fully open it guarantees very high maximum Cv, with an intrinsically selfcleaning and non-clogging design.The valve is proposed in compact designwith casted body, ASME B16.10 short pattern and one single seat.
Forged construction, double seat meeting API 6D

Rating table


*Standard codes of reference:
ISA 75 / IEC60534 general design code, tests and inspection
ASME B16.34 / EN 12516 strength design code

Connection table

* Standard codes of reference:
ISA 75 / IEC60534-3 end to end dimensions
MSS SP-6 surface finishing

Performance table

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